Month: May 2016

Rehabilitation is a process. The goal is to help an individual become as independent as possible in order to return home. Sometimes, however, a patient under short term nursing home care may require some long term assistance. Although Santé focuses on rehabilitation, we think it’s important you understand there are both similarities and differences between… Read More »

Post acute rehab is typically a temporary stopping place on a patient’s journey home. As the name implies, this sort of rehabilitation is for patients who have been hospitalized for acute care such as major surgery, but who aren’t quite ready to go home. At Santé, we specialize in rehabilitation, including post acute rehab. Many… Read More »

The term rehabilitation means to restore something to its original state. In the case of orthopedic rehab, the focus is on the musculoskeletal system. Improving strength, flexibility, balance and endurance are all part of an orthopedic rehab program like those we offer at Santé properties. Orthopedic Rehab Equipment If you’ve ever worked out a gym… Read More »

Rehabilitation is an important process after surgery or injury that involves many different healthcare professionals. At Santé, we recognize how critical it is to have a strong connection between nursing and rehabilitation center professionals to ensure a proper recovery. Of course, the main purpose of a rehabilitation center is to prepare patients to return home.… Read More »