Senior Rehabilitation Facility Accommodations

Patients in a senior rehabilitation facility all require special attention to meet their particular needs. Even ordinarily healthy elders may need extra support and care to regain their independence. At Santé, our experienced team of clinicians take every effort to meet the needs of seniors to help them return to an independent life at home.senior rehabilitation facility

Physical Assistance

As we age, our bodies change. Visual changes, for instance, mean glasses are likely necessary. As well, many older people are often less flexible than when they were younger or may have difficulties with balance. And, a throw rug or carpeted floor can make walking difficult, while a tile floor can increase the risk of falling due to slippery surfaces.

The reason a senior requires rehabilitation care can also affect their needs. Someone with dementia, for example, requires extra supervision and frequent checks to assure basic safety. Those with mobility problems may not have enough strength in the upper body to use a walker or grab bars and must be assisted. Arthritis may make it difficult to grip exercise equipment. For a frail senior, however, activities may need to be modified to focus first on regaining strength.

Nutritional Needs

Nutrition is another important aspect for someone in a senior rehabilitation facility. Dental problems may make chewing difficult, or a stroke may affect the ability to swallow. An elderly person doesn’t absorb nutrients from food as well as when they were younger and someone with dementia may not eat unless supervised or fed. People who are poorly nourished have an increased risk of skin breakdown and may need more frequent position changes, padding or skin protection to prevent injury. These are just some of the potential situations where special needs must be addressed.

Emotional Element

One final note: Being elderly doesn’t mean that emotional needs go away. Caregivers for the elderly must be compassionate and able to build rapport. Seniors need interaction with others, especially their loved ones. Spiritual support and peer activities can also help prevent loneliness and depression. The organized, structured activities in a Santé senior rehabilitation facility help prevent confusion and promote emotional health.

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