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short term therapyA common question asked by our patients is, “What is an occupational therapist?” Here, we’ll explain what occupational therapists do and how short term therapy can help you recover after surgery or illness.

Occupational therapists are healthcare professionals who have both a college degree and an active license. They are trained to help you achieve independence with the daily activities that matter most to you. These activities might include cooking, cleaning, climbing the stairs to your home, or using the bathroom without help.

What can you expect when working with an occupational therapist?

  1. Occupational therapists begin their work with you by performing a thorough evaluation. They do this through a combination of interview and observation. They may ask you questions about the setup of your home, your daily routines, and any help you have at home such as a spouse or home health nurse. They’ll also ask you to show them the things you can do so they can evaluate your level of safety and independence and assist in goal setting.
  2. Your therapist then begins planning for and providing custom interventions and short term therapy to assist you in achieving your goals, gaining independence, and eventually transitioning to independence or a lower level of care.
  3. Finally, an evaluation of the outcome of treatment is performed where your occupational therapist makes recommendations based on your progress. In many cases, the interventions are successful and your therapist will put together a plan to help your transition back home. As part of this plan, your therapist may recommend assistive equipment at home such as handrails near the toilet or in the shower or a lift chair in lieu of stairs.

Occupational therapy is designed with you in mind. Recovering from a broken leg, a stroke, or other medical setback can be challenging, but getting home safe and staying safe are of utmost importance when it comes to avoiding further injury. At Santé, our occupational therapists care about your recovery and quality of life.

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