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How Healthy Living Helps Post Acute Rehabilitation

post acute rehabilitationPost acute rehabilitation following injuries, surgeries, and serious illnesses is most successful when patients are healthy. What steps can you take to maintain optimal health before a surgical procedure to ensure the fastest recovery and best possible outcome? Here are some suggestions:

  • Take a multivitamin daily. Ask your doctor which multivitamin he or she recommends for you and commit to taking it as scheduled. Multivitamins can keep your bones strong and your tissue healthy and conducive to healing.
  • Stop smoking. Smokers are less likely to experience a full recovery following an injury or surgical procedure. Stop smoking at least two to three months before any planned surgery. Your primary care doctor or local quit line can help.
  • Get plenty of rest. Getting enough sleep per night (at least eight hours, if you can) before and during the recovery period can allow your body ample time to heal and mend.
  • Stay active. Staying active can keep your bones and muscles strong and help you rehabilitate sooner following a setback. Walking, biking, swimming, and stretching are great ways to stay physically fit as you age.

There are also measures you can take during the rehabilitation period to improve your outcome:

  • Take your medications as directed. Taking pain preventative medications can keep you on track and prevent setbacks that accompany serious pain.
  • Follow your restrictions. If your doctor has ordered you to avoid heavy lifting, running, or other activities, follow your doctor’s orders. Overdoing it can delay or lengthen the healing process and sometimes cause significant damage to the body.
  • Do your exercises. Do the stretches and strengthening exercises recommended by your physical or occupational therapist and attend all PT or OT appointments as recommended.

Staying committed to a healthy lifestyle at all times can ensure your body is prepared for full recovery from planned or unplanned surgery at all times. At Santé, we’re eager to get you back to life sooner! Contact us here.

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