Orthopedic Rehab Equipment

The term rehabilitation means to restore something to its original state. In the case of orthopedic rehab, the focus is on the musculoskeletal system. Improving strength, flexibility, balance and endurance are all part of an orthopedic rehab program like those we offer at Santé properties.

orthopedic rehabOrthopedic Rehab Equipment

If you’ve ever worked out a gym to become physically fit, you’re familiar with some of the equipment found in an orthopedic rehab setting. A treadmill, for example, can help to regain endurance, just as it does for a healthy individual who wants to be physically fit. The parallel bars used by gymnasts are the same as those used by injured patients who are learning to walk again.

Rehab equipment falls into several categories. Walkers, crutches and wheelchairs provide support while a patient regains mobility. Exercise equipment is used to strengthen muscles. Adaptive devices can help someone feed themselves, write or perform hygiene activities. Even something as simple as a flexible rubber strap or a large exercise ball can be used to exercise or regain balance.

Occupational Therapy

Although orthopedic rehab nearly always includes physical therapy, occupational therapists may also be involved in the process. Physical therapists concentrate on helping a patient regain functions like walking. Occupational therapists, however, focus on activities of daily living, like eating independently. Each discipline uses different rehab equipment. Physical therapists teach patients to use crutches, while occupational therapists might use a fork that can be strapped to the wrist or a special brace.

Meeting Patients’ Needs

As you can imagine, patients enter orthopedic rehab programs with varying degrees of physical ability. It’s a therapist’s job to modify the planned activities to meet the patient’s limitations. For example, someone with severe arthritis may have trouble gripping parallel bars to walk. For those patients, it may be safer to use a walker, while the therapist holds a strong waist belt to help the patient balance and prevent falls. In all cases, our staff at Santé uses their extensive knowledge and expertise to meet the patients’ needs and achieve their goals.

We invite you to learn more about our orthopedic rehab process and our various locations at Santé. Please contact us here.

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