Month: December 2016

The fast-approaching New Year provides the perfect opportunity to begin considering new goals for a healthy lifestyle. At Santé post acute center, we’re excited to share with you some of our goals to inspire your New Year, too. Drink more water! Every single cell in your body requires water to function at its highest level.… Read More »

Patients often ask, What is acute rehabilitation? The easiest way to describe acute rehab is to describe its role in comparison to post acute care. Patients are often admitted to acute care when they require medical treatment in combination with close monitoring for an acute illness. Patients in acute care may be suffering from any… Read More »

Some of the patients we care for in our post acute care facility at Santé are dealing with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The primary and most life-altering symptom of COPD is severe shortness of breath, which many patients say interferes with their daily lives. Here, we’ve gathered insight on living life with COPD to… Read More »

A common concern among our in-home health care patients and families is how to maintain dental health in old age. There are several challenges that accompany the aging process can have an impact on the patient’s ability to take care of their dental health. This can include reduced mobility, declining motor skills, problems with memory,… Read More »