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Hip Replacement Care At Our Post Acute Facility

post acute facilityAt Santé, we are a post acute facility that provides intermediate care to patients recovering from hip replacement surgery. The most common question hip replacement patients have is, “What can I expect?” While everyone’s case is different, here is a general idea of what you might experience in a post acute facility following a hip replacement.

How long will I be here?

Every patient’s orders are based on their individual circumstances and needs. Some patients only need close monitoring for a day or two after surgery in the hospital while others require post acute care for several weeks while they are under restrictions and a supportive physical therapy schedule. Your care team can help you understand what to expect in your particular situation.

What kind of therapy will I receive?

The physical therapy you receive will depend on the orders written by your surgeon. You can usually expect to receive physical therapy approximately two to three times a week. This physical therapy initially begins with passive and active range of motion exercising and then shifts focus to strengthening. Patients are typically required to walk multiple times a day, which is facilitated by either a physical therapy aide or physical therapist.

How will my pain be managed?

Pain is managed through a combination of medication, rest, ice, and elevation. The medications used to treat your pain are determined by your doctor. However, your care team can communicate with your doctor if you seem to be experiencing a higher level of pain and require adjustments to your medication. Most patients find that the pain is significantly diminished just a few days after surgery.

How will I pay for this?

Most patients pay for their post acute care stay the same way they paid for their hip surgery, through Medicare or private insurance. If you don’t have private insurance, we can connect you with a patient representative to discuss options for assistance.

What can I expect from the staff?

At Santé, you can expect the highest level of care and service at our post acute facility locations throughout Arizona. Our team of professionals focuses on providing the best possible experience for both patients while recovering from hip replacement surgery.

To learn more about short-term care at Santé’s post acute care facility, we invite you to visit a Santé location near you.

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