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What Is Acute Rehabilitation?

what is acute rehabPatients often ask, What is acute rehabilitation? The easiest way to describe acute rehab is to describe its role in comparison to post acute care.

Patients are often admitted to acute care when they require medical treatment in combination with close monitoring for an acute illness. Patients in acute care may be suffering from any number of ailments. Some of the most common include heart attack, stroke, pneumonia, and exacerbation of COPD. Many patients also require an acute care stay following surgery. The services patients receive in acute care can include close monitoring of vital signs, administration of IV medications, dressing changes, and assistance with activities of daily living.

As the patient recovers, the need for specialized medical care often resolves before the patient has reached a level of wellness and independence conducive to going home. Furthermore, physical and occupational therapy along with supervised ambulation may be required as often as five times a week for several weeks following their acute stay. Patients who are trying to regain strength and mobility may find it challenging to make it to these appointments and care for themselves at home immediately following their stay.

This is where post acute rehabilitation centers like Santé come into play. They provide a transitional solution for patients who no longer need acute care but aren’t yet able to go home. Physical, restorative, and occupational rehabilitation are offered on-site as ordered by the provider for maximum guest convenience.

Household chores that can be challenging during this period of recovery, such as meal preparation, cleaning services, and laundry, can also be taken care of to alleviate stress on the patient. In addition, medication and treatment schedules are managed according to the provider’s orders. The primary goal of a post acute rehabilitation center is to prepare the patient for independence at home as soon as possible.

Whether your question is, What is acute rehabilitation? or What can I expect?, we’re happy to guide you through the process. Visit us at Santé today to learn more.

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