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In-Home Health Care | Dental Concerns

in-home health careA common concern among our in-home health care patients and families is how to maintain dental health in old age. There are several challenges that accompany the aging process can have an impact on the patient’s ability to take care of their dental health. This can include reduced mobility, declining motor skills, problems with memory, and changes in cognitive function.

In addition, some elderly patients live on a fixed income and are unable to pay for dental work when the need arises. And, on top of everything else, some patients are unable to express their dental concerns or discomfort, which can result in progressive damage to the teeth before treatment is provided.

Some measures you can take to maintain the dental health and well being of your aging loved one include:

  • Buy an adaptive toothbrush. If your loved one has a difficult time raising their arm or positioning their hand to get the toothbrush to their mouth, consider adaptive equipment to simplify the process.
  • Schedule routine dental cleanings. Routine dental cleanings and exams (every six months) are a great way to remove build-up, detect dental problems early, prevent pain, and save teeth for as long as possible.
  • Set an alarm. Setting an alarm on your loved one’s cell phone or alarm clock to remind them to brush their teeth is a great way to help those with memory problems keep up with their positive habits.
  • Stop by once a day. By visiting once per day during personal care time, you can ensure your loved one receives appropriate dental care at least once a day.
  • Consider in home care. If your loved one is unable to perform their own dental hygiene, consider bringing in help with daily cares like showering, nail care, and oral cares. In home care providers are trained to assist patients while encouraging and allowing the highest level of independence possible.

At Santé, we are here to provide our patients—whether current or potential—and their families with helpful information and care. And, if you ever need our post-acute rehabilitation or in-home health care, we invite you to consider Santé. Our skilled and caring team welcomes the opportunity to help. Contact us here for more information.

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