Month: June 2016

Mesa post-acute care patients may be able to benefit from occupational therapy when facing physical, cognitive, developmental or emotional challenges or setbacks. Here are just some of the situations in which occupational therapy can be extremely beneficial. Traumatic Brain Injury Patients recovering from a traumatic brain injury, caused by a serious motor vehicle accident or… Read More »

Even before setting out to research the best post-acute care in Mesa or surrounding areas, it’s important to first understand what post acute care is. Post-Acute care is just as the name implies: short-term inpatient treatment for severe illness or injury requiring a hospital stay and often various levels of physical, occupational, or speech therapy.… Read More »

If you are faced with the daunting task of choosing a hospice provider following your Scottsdale post-acute care or during terminal illness, you are likely in one of the most physically and emotionally trying times you will ever experience. Coming to terms with end-of-life is a delicate process. Having to make plans and arrangements during… Read More »

Post acute rehabilitation services can dramatically improve independence, quality of life and overall health in patients suffering from physical, developmental or emotional setbacks. Here we’ll discuss several key ways that physical and occupational rehabilitation can directly impact your health. Increased Mobility Post acute rehabilitation can improve your ability to move, whether that includes walking, transferring… Read More »