Scottsdale Post-Acute Care | Selecting Hospice Care

Scottsdale post-acute careIf you are faced with the daunting task of choosing a hospice provider following your Scottsdale post-acute care or during terminal illness, you are likely in one of the most physically and emotionally trying times you will ever experience. Coming to terms with end-of-life is a delicate process. Having to make plans and arrangements during this time can be overwhelming. Let us help ease your pain during this season of life by providing step by step guidance and reassurance throughout the process.

Seek Recommendations

Consult with your healthcare provider for recommendations. They may have hospice facilities they have worked with in the past that they would recommend for you.

Understand Services

Every hospice provide offers different services, which may include friendly visits, running errands, assistance with activities of daily living, household chores, and more.

Understanding which services are available is critical in choosing the right provider for you or your loved one.

Ask About Availability

Who can you reach in case of an emergency after hours? Some hospice providers are able to provide 24/7 telephone support while others will provide staff at any hour, day or night, in times of crisis. Ask which team members are available in a crisis and the extent of their availability.

Staff-to-Patient Ratio

Ask how many patients each care provider is assigned, including the physician, nurse, certified nursing assistants and, if applicable, the chaplain or social worker.

Understanding their work load may give you a clearer picture regarding how much time and attention you can expect.

Continuing Education

It’s important to know if the hospice employees are certified in hospice care and whether they receive ongoing training and continuing education specific to end of life care. Also, what measures are taken to screen, train and develop volunteers?

Choosing a hospice provider is a pivotal move. Take extra care to choose the right provider for the care of yourself or your loved one.

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