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Benefits Of Home Health Care

home health care

Physical and occupational rehabilitation services are often ordered for patients following illness or injury resulting in a physical or cognitive disability. Patients who are strong candidates for home health care and rehabilitation during recovery from illness or injury can fully realize numerous benefits, outlined below.


Receiving rehabilitation services in the comfort of your own home can feel encouraging and supportive and provide the added comfort that accompanies familiar surroundings. It can be especially helpful to receive these services in your home as it provides the therapist with internal knowledge and understanding of the challenges of functioning at home and the unique considerations of the layout of your home. It can also assist you in conserving your energy following illness or injury as there is no need to bear the weather or withstand a commute to and from the treatment facility.


When you receive home health care and rehabilitation services, there is no need to find a ride, get dressed, plan for bathroom breaks, pack your medications, etc. You can receive rehabilitation just as you are, often in your favorite chair or favorite room of the house. This added convenience can be especially beneficial for the patient feeling run down after a health crisis.


When you receive home therapy services, you are typically assigned a single therapist for each indication (i.e. one occupational therapist, one physical therapist, or one of each). This is beneficial as it allows you to establish rapport with your healthcare providers and gain trust and understanding over time. This improves your comfort in communicating honestly and effectively with your therapist about the challenges of daily living as well as your questions and concerns. It also provides your therapists with an opportunity to get to know you which can assist in closely aligning your therapy goals with your real-life goals and in providing adequate support.

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