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Arizona Short Term Rehab | Joint Pain Solutions

Arizona short term rehabChronic joint pain can result from stroke, injury, illness, or the effects of aging on the body. Unmanaged joint pain can pose a significant risk in that it can limit mobility, in turn causing a decrease in muscle mass, stiffness, weight gain, health decline, and even increased joint pain. The good news? Taking a few simple steps to combat chronic joint pain can improve your outlook. And when more help is needed, look no further than Santé’s premier Arizona short term rehab properties.

Stay Active

In spite of joint pain, it is important to maintain a healthy level of activity. Although it sounds like a Catch-22, just twenty minutes of walking per day can increase flexibility and muscle strength. It can also reduce joint pain. If your doctor or physical therapist has given you exercises to perform at home, take special care to do your exercises as recommended, typically three times daily. These exercises are designed to increase mobility and independence, as well as decrease pain.

Take Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers

If approved by your doctor, taking anti-inflammatory pain relievers on a set schedule can prevent discomfort before you even feel it. Not all patients can take anti-inflammatories safely though. Only your doctor can determine whether over-the-counter medications are compatible with your current medications and health condition. While topical pain relieving creams often provide immediate relief from pain and are safe for most patients, make sure to ask your doctor if you can safely use topical pain relieving creams before application.

Stabilize the Joint

Inexpensive over-the-counter braces can reduce strain on the joint, decreasing inflammation and providing much needed stabilization and pain relief for those suffering from chronic joint pain. Check your local drugstore or department store for a brace, keeping in mind that most braces are sized and some are gender-specific.

Watch Your Weight

Being overweight puts additional strain on your joints. It can increase inflammation, instability, and pain. Managing your weight can prevent swelling and pain and keep you mobile and comfortable. Consider modifying your food choices including reducing salt and fat intake and drinking plenty of water.

To learn more about Arizona short term rehab, visit Santé today!

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