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Post Acute Care Specialists

When you’re admitted to a short-term rehabilitation property following a stroke or other injury or illness, multiple people will be in contact with you daily. Understanding the role of each person involved in your care can help you feel more at ease during your stay. acute careHere, we’ll share the primary roles in a post acute care rehabilitation property.

Occupational Therapist

The occupational therapist (OT) is primary responsible for assessing your progress and making high-level decisions about your treatment plan and care. He or she meets with you and/or your doctor and family periodically to establish goals and review progress, but typically is not involved in all of your daily activities.

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

The Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) is primarily responsible for carrying out the Occupational Therapist’s orders. In most cases, the OT creates a care plan that involves stretches, exercises, and challenges three or more times daily. The COTA is the one who assists you in completing your exercises and reports your performance to the OT.

Physical Therapist

After assessing the guest, the Physical Therapist (PT) will develop a treatment plan of exercises and treatment techniques designed to help patients manage pain and gain strength and mobility. The PT works with each guest regularly and may make modifications to their treatment plan depending on the patient’s progress, always working hand-in-hand with the patient’s care manager.

Care Manager

Think of a care manager as an air traffic controller. A care manager is assigned to each guest and is responsible for coordinating care delivery and treatments among the various treatment specialty areas, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and neurological rehabilitation. Along the way, the care manager closely monitors the guest’s progress and will make recommendations on treatment plans, if necessary. The care manager also works with the guest’s family to help them plan for their return to home, ensuring that they have the resources they need for a smooth transition.

Registered Nurse

A registered nurse (RN) leads the overall care and and works closely with the care managers and other specialists (such as physical therapists) to develop a treatment plan for each guest. The RN will regularly review daily progress with the certified nursing assistant and consult with the case manager on any modifications that may need to be made. In addition, the RN is the care professional responsible for administering medication, preparing IVs and taking blood, if necessary.

Certified Nursing Assistant

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) helps guests complete activities of daily living. They are qualified to assist you to the bathroom, bathe you, feed you, assist you in transferring from one chair or bed to the next, dress and undress, etc. They are not able to make independent decisions about your care, but provide invaluable assistance to you while you work to regain your mobility.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services Staff provide general housekeeping throughout the facility to ensure the environment is safe for all acute care patients. They will knock and enter your room once daily to disinfect, sweep, mop, clean the bathroom, and empty garbage. They are not qualified to provide physical assistance but can help you call for staff assistance.
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