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Physical Rehabilitation | Arizona Walking Trails

Physical rehabilitationWalking or hiking is a great, low-impact way to maintain your health and weight, tone your muscles, and keep your joints in good health. Walking can also be an integral element in your physical rehabilitation and occupational therapy plan following a stroke, injury, or other serious illness. Here, we’ll break down some of the best trails to hike in Arizona to keep you at your very best.

Boynton Canyon

A three-mile trail (six to return to your starting point) often littered with other hikers, the Boynton Canyon Hiking Trail provides a friendly, scenic hike. Views of red rock and beautiful fall colors surround the trail. The trail’s difficulty is classified as moderate, with a total gain in elevation of 400 feet throughout the length of the path.

Bright Angel Trail

A steeper, six-mile trail with shorter paths available for those who choose to take a brief hike, Bright Angel Trail carries you past beautiful canyon walls and along the shores of the Colorado River. Novice hikers should attempt the shortest route the first time, and gradually increase their goal with subsequent hikes.

Barks Canyon

This cross-country loop trail features 5.2 miles of trail from beginning to end along with a climb of 1360 feet. Barks Canyon Trail is located near Gold Canyon and is only accessible between the months of October and April.

Bell Rock

A well-marked, three-quarter mile trail, Bell Rock provides a significant climb rewarded with gorgeous, breathtaking views. The Lower Bell Rock Trail provides an easy hike for those unable to climb to the upper slide area. Most beginning hikers or hikers with limitations or restrictions should stick to the Lower Bell Rock Trail, which still provides a memorable experience.

All hikers should be cleared by their healthcare provider before attempting to hike the strenuous trails in Arizona and take necessary safety measures before setting out. Always bring adequate water, even on trails on which water is available, as well as nutrition to last the entire hike time.

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