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What Post Acute Rehabilitation Means To Your Health

acute rehabilitationPost acute rehabilitation services can dramatically improve independence, quality of life and overall health in patients suffering from physical, developmental or emotional setbacks. Here we’ll discuss several key ways that physical and occupational rehabilitation can directly impact your health.

Increased Mobility

Post acute rehabilitation can improve your ability to move, whether that includes walking, transferring from one place to the next, rolling over in bed or independently propelling a wheelchair. Improved mobility can alleviate joint pain and stiffness and keep muscles healthy and functioning. It can improve blood flow and assist with weight management. Mobility is also important for mental health as it improves quality of life through added independence.

Improved Personal Care

Post acute rehabilitation can also improve the level of personal care you are able to provide to yourself with limited or no assistance. Improved personal care can prevent wound development or growth, infections, dental problems and more. It can promote effective management of long-term diseases such as diabetes and promote compliance with medication orders. The health benefits of good personal care are far and wide.

Added Independence

The more tasks you can complete independently, the higher your quality of life. For some patients, there is potential to live independently after acute rehabilitation; for others, the goals are to function with less assistance or regain the ability to do things that bring joy or pleasure. Added independence promotes dignity, self-confidence and overall mood.

Pain Management

Rehabilitation services can assist in the prevention and management of pain. Pain can be caused by a number of factors including limited mobility and recovery from surgery or illness, but daily therapy exercises and improvements in function can have a direct impact on decreasing pain levels.

To learn more about the health benefits of post acute rehabilitation, visit your local Arizona rehabilitation specialists at Santé today.

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