Month: February 2017

At Santé, we know that family involvement can be just as critical in a patient’s care and recovery as appropriate medical treatment. Family involvement is especially important for patients experiencing end-of-life care. But what exactly is your role? Hospice (or end-of-life) care focuses on providing comfort and dignity to the patient. It transcends beyond the patient’s… Read More »

Physical therapy (PT) is an integral part of your recovery following an injury, illness, or surgery. If you are experiencing reduced mobility or pain as a result of any of the above, participating in PT can help you get back to better health.  At Santé, our skilled physical therapists promote your recovery in these primary… Read More »

When the time comes for hospice care, it is not a decision that is taken lightly. There is great consideration taken to ensure that hospice is the right choice for the patient. There are a few key factors that determine when a patient is eligible for hospice: When the patient has been diagnosed with a life… Read More »

At Santé, we have treated a number of patients suffering from COPD in nearly every setting. Patients often have questions about how they will receive care as their COPD progresses as well as what kind of changes they can expect in their care model. Here, we’ll provide a general overview. The Progression of COPD COPD stands… Read More »