The Decision For Hospice

When the time comes for hospice care, it is not a decision that is taken lightly. There is great consideration taken to ensure that hospice is the right choice for the patient.

There are a few key factors that determine when a patient is eligible for hospice:

  • When the patient has been diagnosed with a life limiting illness
  • The patient’s primary care provider, along with the hospice medical director, agree that life expectancy could be less than six months
  • When there is no longer a cure, at which time hospice care will provide comfort care for all of the patient’s symptoms.


When exploring the transition to hospice, patients or family members can advocate for themselves/their loved one by:

  • Asking the primary care provider if hospice is appropriate
  • Discussing with their loved one their feelings about curing the disease vs. staying comfortable and pain free
  • Finding a compassionate and professional hospice care team.


In your search for hospice care, you want to look for the best fit for your loved one. Because, just as each person is unique, so is their end-of-life journey. At Santé, our primary goal is to respect the patient’s wishes as they near end of life and ensure their comfort and dignity throughout their hospice experience. We provide a comprehensive range of services, and recognize that every person’s needs are different. Our interdisciplinary approach to treatment addresses mind, body, and soul. And, we are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide patient care.

But, hospice services are not just for the patient. Hospice care providers also consider the needs of the family. Our compassionate staff members are there to listen, offer counsel, and address questions and concerns. This support provides reasurance for families and the ability to spend more quality time with their loved one.

Choosing hospice care is one of the most important health care decisions you can make. To learn more about what hospice is and how we can help your family, contact us at Santé.


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