Family’s Role During Hospice

At Santé, we know that family involvement can be just as critical in a patient’s care and recovery as appropriate medical treatment. Family involvement is especially important for patients experiencing end-of-life care. But what exactly is your role?

Hospice (or end-of-life) care focuses on providing comfort and dignity to the patient. It transcends beyond the patient’s medical requirements to address their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. The goal during this phase of care is to keep the patient as comfortable as possible through pain management and tender, loving care. Our team at Santé works together to ensure that your loved one receives a comprehensive and compassionate range of services to meet their specific needs.

But family members also play a vital role in end-of-life care. Most significantly, this includes providing reassurance and love. For example, many patients need to know that the contributions they’ve made during their lifetime have had an impact on others. Family members can show their loved one that they are sincerely loved, appreciated, and valued by visiting often, lending a listening ear, providing comforting touch such as hand holding, and sharing their special memories and wishes.

Family can also advocate for their loved one by working closely with the healthcare team to create a hospice plan that accurately reflects their loved one’s preferences. As well, despite the emotional challenge that accompanies making end of life decisions, family members can support their loved one by respecting their wishes. This may include how they would like to be cared for, the level of intervention they are willing to receive, their final resting place, and other relevant details.

When possible, we advise initiating these conversations early to ensure you know what your loved one wants in the event that they are unable to communicate.

To learn more about end-of-life care options that promote dignity and comfort or your important role in this stage of life, reach out to the caring and compassionate hospice team at Santé.

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