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hospice care What Chronic Illnesses May Require Hospice Care?  

The diagnosis of a chronic illness can be devastating to a family, bringing on stages of grief and unimaginable pain. Hospice care is a specialized type of treatment for patients that are entering the final stages of their life and is generally reserved for individuals with less than 6 months to live. With a hospice plan in place, patients are able to have more control over the way their final months of life are spent — often choosing to live at home to enjoy the time that they have left with friends and family.

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Native American Healthcare [NEWS] Santé Healthcare is Spearheading an Urban Native American Healthcare Initiative

Sante Healthcare of Scottsdale Arizona is spearheading an Urban Native American healthcare initiative in Maricopa County aimed at improving the quality of post-acute care for Native Americans.   Many Native Americans in Maricopa County struggle to access the critical post-acute care they need.  Santé’s healthcare initiative is an opportunity to close the healthcare gap in the Native American community in Maricopa County. The initiative will rely on collaborations and partnerships with healthcare providers and tribal community leaders to increase utilization and access to quality healthcare service.  Santé’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of the urban Native American community starts with protecting and upholding the cultural and spiritual needs of the community while offering the care necessary for all post-acute needs.

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Medical Social Worker When You Might Need a Medical Social Worker

When it comes to doctors and dentists, nearly everybody has one or knows when it’s time to get one. The criteria aren’t quite that clear, though, when it comes to medical social workers. What exactly do medical social workers do, and how do you know when you need medical social work services?

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Interdisciplinary Teams Benefits of Interdisciplinary Teams in Healthcare

It is always a great comfort to families to have access to a trusted primary care physician — someone who can answer questions in a relatable way and who understands the needs of your loved ones. That individual is generally backed up by a variety of other individuals, and this multidisciplinary team is able to pool together their knowledge to create a better care plan over time. See how these caregivers work together to provide an exceptional quality of care.

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Congestive Heart Failure Be Watchful for These Stages of Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure is one of the leading causes of mortality for elderly patients in the U.S., with an absolute mortality rate of over 50% in the 5 years after diagnosis. This complex syndrome results from cardiac disorders that are either structural or functional and reduces the ability of the heart to eject blood or fill completely with blood.

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