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5 Ways PT Promotes Recovery

Physical therapy (PT) is an integral part of your recovery following an injury, illness, or surgery. If you are experiencing reduced mobility or pain as a result of any of the above, participating in PT can help you get back to better health.  At Santé, our skilled physical therapists promote your recovery in these primary ways:

  1. Reduce pain. Physical therapy equipment and methods designed to reduce pain are highly effective. Pain can inhibit the patient’s mobility and healing process. Effective therapy can make it easier for patients to complete their exercises and expedite their recovery.
  2. Improve balance. Balance problems can inhibit healing as they prevent patients from standing, walking, or completing activities of daily living. Through specially designed exercises, physical therapists can help patients recover balance issues that can be debilitating to daily life and potentially cause other ailments or injuries.
  3. Increase range of motion. Successful PT typically results in increased range of motion in nearly any joint targeted. This allows the patient to begin recovering and regain their independence sooner.
  4. Provide adaptive equipment. Adaptive equipment, such as crutches, canes, and wheelchairs, can protect the injured or operated area and promote patient safety during recovery. Physical therapists evaluate the patient’s strength and mobility and make recommendations for adaptive equipment. They also evaluate the ability of the equipment to serve the desired purpose over time and make changes when appropriate.
  5. Improve strength. Physical therapy exercises can help the patient gain back and even improve their strength without resulting in strain or further injury. Regaining strength gradually is an integral part of the healing process.

In addition, PT can help patients manage a variety of diseases and conditions that may inhibit healing if left unmanaged, including stroke, diabetes, age-related decline, lung disease, vascular conditions, and heart disease.

Of course, for PT to be successful, it takes the effort of both the physical therapist and the patient. Commitment to physical therapy sessions and even PT “homework” can help to make the difference in how well and how quickly healing can take place.

We would love to visit with you about the role of physical therapy in healing and how it translates to your unique situation. Call us at your local Santé to learn more about how we can help you.

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