Month: July 2016

Physical therapists are an integral piece of the recovery puzzle following a muscle or joint injury and can often assist in maintaining independence in older adults. However, the time you spend with a physical therapist is only a small portion of your overall treatment; the rest must be done independently at home or in a… Read More »

Physical therapy services can be beneficial in a wide range of patient circumstances and can be provided in many settings, from outpatient therapy clinics to skilled nursing care. Physical therapy is typically ordered by the patient’s primary care provider to promote healing, prevent surgery and relieve pain. Strengthening Sometimes injuries or decreased mobility are the… Read More »

Physical therapy can not only relieve pain, but completely reverse some conditions or stop them from progressing, eliminating the need for surgery. For many patients, the thought of surgery is overwhelming; it can be expensive, uncomfortable and inconvenient, especially when an extended recovery period is required. However, early intervention from a Santé physical therapist may… Read More »

Both those who are interested in becoming a physical therapist and those who are being treated by a physical therapist in a nursing facility or other setting have a vested interest in what it takes to get there. Understanding the education and experience under your physical therapist’s “belt” can increase your confidence in their ability… Read More »