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Physical Therapy Can Prevent Surgery

physical therapyPhysical therapy can not only relieve pain, but completely reverse some conditions or stop them from progressing, eliminating the need for surgery. For many patients, the thought of surgery is overwhelming; it can be expensive, uncomfortable and inconvenient, especially when an extended recovery period is required. However, early intervention from a Santé physical therapist may prevent the need for surgery in many cases.

Reducing Inflammation

Many injuries are accompanied by inflammation, or swelling and redness of the tissue surrounding the joint. Inflammation may affect muscles or tendons and often results in pain and immobility. Long-term anti-inflammatory use is not recommended and can be hard on the stomach. And, over time, inflammation may result in tears or other injuries due to lack of space in the joint cavity.

Physical therapists can work to reduce inflammation using special techniques and equipment, which can relieve pain, improve mobility, and prevent surgery.

Managing Back Pain

Back pain can significantly impact quality of life, as the back is a central and integral component of nearly every movement of the body from the arms to the legs to the neck and everything in between. Physical therapy is a highly effective, non-surgical option for the long-term management of back pain. In fact, over time, physical therapy may even heal back pain permanently. Physical therapists use a combination of skills and highly specialized equipment to manage pain, stretch muscles tendons, reduce inflammation, and improve mobility over time. For patients who are hoping to avoid surgery or long-term use of pain medications, physical therapy is an excellent option.

Strains and Sprains

In most cases, early intervention from a physical therapist following a strain or sprain (most commonly related to sports or athletic events) can prevent the need for surgery altogether. Physical therapists are trained to manage and treat these minor injuries through non-surgical means.

To learn more about the role of physical therapy in preventing surgery, contact our professionals at your nearest Santé location.

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