Nursing Facility Physical Therapists

nursing facilityBoth those who are interested in becoming a physical therapist and those who are being treated by a physical therapist in a nursing facility or other setting have a vested interest in what it takes to get there. Understanding the education and experience under your physical therapist’s “belt” can increase your confidence in their ability to improve your condition.


Not all physical therapists have the same level of education. Many practice with a Master’s Degree (Master’s in Physical Therapy, or MPT; Master of Science, or MS; or Master of Science in Physical Therapy, or MSPT) while some obtain a doctorate degree following their master’s education (Doctor of Physical Therapy, or DPT).

All physical therapists must first obtain their Bachelor’s or four-year degree in a related field before they can apply for the master’s program. A Bachelor’s degree typically consists of two years of general education to include mathematics, sciences, histories, humanities and more, followed by two years of degree-specific education.

Once a Bachelor’s degree has been obtained, the student can apply for a Master’s program. Master’s degrees require the equivalent of two additional years of training specifically focused on physical therapy. Those who choose to do so can apply for a doctorate program.


Once the physical therapist has graduated from an approved program, they must take and pass a lengthy, complex state-administered exam in order to obtain licensure and work as a physical therapist.

Continuing Education

In addition to their initial education, physical therapists must stay current on changing industry standards by obtaining ongoing education throughout their careers. In order to renew their physical therapy license, they must provide proof of completed training throughout the previous licensure period. This ensures that your physical therapist is up-to-date on changes and recommendations and is maintaining the knowledge he or she gained in school.

At Santé, our physical therapists are highly qualified and experienced in treating patients with a wide range of conditions and changes. Call us today to learn more about physical therapy in an Arizona nursing facility or other setting.

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