Skilled Nursing Care | Benefits of Physical Therapy

skilled nursing carePhysical therapy services can be beneficial in a wide range of patient circumstances and can be provided in many settings, from outpatient therapy clinics to skilled nursing care. Physical therapy is typically ordered by the patient’s primary care provider to promote healing, prevent surgery and relieve pain.


Sometimes injuries or decreased mobility are the result of muscle or joint weakness. Physical therapy services can improve strength through the use of customized strengthening exercises with or without specialized equipment. Physical therapists are trained to create exercise programs tailored to each patient’s unique limitations and health status.

Pain Relief

Physical therapy may be ordered to help relieve muscle or joint pain. Gentle stretching exercises, therapeutic massage, ultrasound technology and strengthening exercises may provide significant pain relief for suffering patients. Physical therapy is non-invasive, and our physical therapists work hard to provide a comfortable experience without pain.


In many cases, physical therapy is prescribed to promote the complete non-surgical healing of a joint or muscle injury. The physical therapist can establish short-term limitations for the patient in order to protect the patient from further harm, work to reduce inflammation and pain and work toward strengthening and stabilizing the joint. Many patients are able to avoid surgical repair by complying with their physical therapy orders.


In skilled nursing care settings, physical therapy services are often aimed at increasing independence and mobility. By pushing residents to continue moving, exercising and stretching, physical therapists are able to keep residents mobile and independent as long as possible, improving quality of life and decreasing risk for the development of pressure ulcers, contracted muscles and pain.

At Santé’s skilled nursing care centers in Arizona, quality physical therapy services are offered on-site for maximum convenience and benefit. To learn more about Santé, stop one of our area locations. We are here to care for you.

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