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Why Emotional Support During Recovery is Critical

Recovering from a serious injury, trauma or illness is challenging mentally, physically and emotionally. Caregivers, family and friends must be prepared to support all of these needs in their loved one. While the physical aspects will often improve on an expected trajectory, emotional support is critical to full recovery. Without a network of caring individuals, it’s too easy for someone in recovery to slide into a state of depression or anxiety.


Emotional Challenges in Recovery

There are stages of our lives that we all need someone there to help provide a helping hand. It could be when you have a cold and need some chicken soup or are having trouble at work and need someone to listen. Times of recovery are no different. Individuals in recovery from a long-term illness or injury can 
experience a range of emotions. Those emotions can include everything from frustration to fear, anger to a sense of achievement and most importantly — hope. What’s difficult for the patient is that these emotions may be coming in a range of only a few moments and can be difficult to handle alone.


Benefits of Emotional Support

When individuals feel supported physically by the 
caring staff at Santé, they are able to focus more on their mental well-being. Our caregivers create a warm and open atmosphere for both patients and loved ones throughout their journey. Family members and friends are able to join in the healing process with their loved one. This improves the emotional benefits for all involved while helping loved ones prepare for the future. A support network of caring professionals and loved ones working together to ensure your continued health improves the healing process dramatically. Individuals who have this network are able to feel more in control, stronger and able to focus on their healing. While key treatments for mental health often include medication, one of the most often prescribed treatments is talking to someone. Patients are less likely to relapse into depression when they feel emotionally supported by friends and family members.


Ready to learn more about how the team at Santé provides an environment where your loved one will thrive during their recovery? Contact us today at 480-563-2402 to schedule an appointment. We offer a range of services from transitional and extensive rehabilitation to palliative care and home health care. Our caring professionals are always available to answer your questions and help you make the right decisions for your loved ones. 

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