Transitional & Extensive Rehabilitation

Transitional Rehab Image

Superior care focusing on the total well-being of the patient, rather than just their ailment, is what makes Santé a trusted leader for rehabilitation services. Also referred to as post-acute, sub-acute, or post-hospital rehabilitation, transitional rehabilitation at a Santé property provides the ideal setting for a compassionate continuum of care. At Santé, the goal is to help you reach your highest level of functioning and return you back home.

Santé is also proud to offer our Extensive Active Rehabilitation program (EAR). The EAR program provides intense interdisciplinary services that are necessary to restore loss of function and optimize recovery. Although the amount and intensity of therapy varies by the primary diagnoses and comorbidities, only patients who are medically stable are candidates for EAR rehabilitative care. Currently, Santé contracts with Arizona Foundation, BCBS, Humana and Cigna.

To prepare you to take care of yourself once home, you will practice managing activities of daily living with our:

  • Fully equipped practice kitchen
  • Therapy bath with tub and shower training
  • Washer-dryer

Both high- and low-tech equipment to improve balance and walking skills:

  • Secure harness
  • Electronic parallel bars
  • Body weight supported treadmills (LiteGaitTM)
  • Stairs, curbs, ramps / Outdoor Setting
  • Standing frame
  • Treadmill

Modalities to help maximize strength and minimize discomfort:

  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Biofeedback and laser therapy

Multiple types of strengthening equipment, because strength is a key to independence:

  • Pneumatic weight training system to help build strong muscles needed for recovery
  • Wheelchair accessible weight training stations
  • Hoist weight system for building strength