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Month: September 2016

Home Health and Hospice Care

Patients facing disease processes that cannot be cured or managed may be placed on hospice, either at home or in an inpatient setting. At Santé, our home health and hospice …

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Physical Therapy Hip Replacement Recovery

Hip replacement surgery can be highly effective in improving mobility and alleviating pain. However, the recovery process requires commitment from the patient. Patients who work hard to recover experience the …

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Slipped Disc Treatment For Back Pain

If you’re experiencing back pain, you’ve likely already noticed that it interferes with nearly every aspect of your life. Because your back is central and supports your entire body, walking, …

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Common Physical Therapy Conditions

Physical therapy can be a highly effective intervention for a variety of aches, pains, and conditions. But it’s important to know when physical therapy is indicated. The following are some …

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What Is PT? Your Key To Recovery

Following a surgery, injury, or illness, your primary care doctor or specialist may recommend physical therapy (PT). If you, like many patients, find yourself wondering, What is PT? we can help. Physical …

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