What Is PT? Your Key To Recovery

Following a surgery, injury, or illness, your primary care doctor or specialist may recommend physical therapy (PT). If you, like many patients, find yourself wondering, What is PT? we can help.

Physical therapy is the treatment of a deformity, injury, or disease by physical methods such as heat, massage, and exercise. The physical therapy schedule depends on the unique case, but most commonly appointments are scheduled two to three times weekly and take 30-45 minutes per appointment. Physical therapy is vital to healing for five reasons: it expedites recovery, relieves stress, builds strength, alleviates pain, and protects you from further injury.what is pt

Expedited Recovery

The physical movement and manipulation of physical therapy increases circulation to the muscle, expediting the healing process. Range of motion exercises performed during a physical therapy appointment can prevent complications like the development of scar tissue and speed the healing process from that aspect, too.

Stress Relief

Injuries and illnesses place a significant amount of stress on the patient; the massage and manipulation that is received during physical therapy can relieve stress and promotion mental and emotional well-being. Having a reason to get out of bed and out of the house is beneficial.

Increased Strength

Physical therapy is designed to improve muscle strength and provide better muscular support for bones and joints. Building muscle strength can help prevent re-injury to the same area and can improve your overall health and quality of life.

Pain Management

Pain is most likely to occur when the muscle or joint has been immobilized. Physical therapy promotes healthy, protected movement of the joints to alleviate pain, stretch tight muscles, and improve circulation. Physical therapists help patients find healthy ways to manage pain.

Protection from Further Injury

Physical therapists are able to assess you frequently and make decisions about your return to work or activities. They can assist you in protecting the injured area by placing restrictions on your activity and providing an excuse from work while you heal.

Whether your question is, What is PT? or How do I schedule an appointment?”, our team at Santé is here to help. For more information about quality physical therapists in Arizona or to schedule an appointment, contact us here at Santé.

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