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Physical Therapy Facilities & Your Healing

physical therapy facilitiesCollaboration between patients and physical therapists is critical to a positive patient outcome. This means that it is not only important to show up to physical therapy, but also to be an active participant in your own treatment. The best physical therapy facilities encourage and support this patient-therapist collaboration. At Santé, we recommend the following guidelines to help you on your road to recovery:

  1. Showing up for your appointments. Cancelling or rescheduling physical therapy appointments routinely can possibly prevent or delay healing and limit your eventual outcome. By being committed to attending your physical therapy appointments, keeping an organized schedule, and limiting scheduling conflicts during the course of your treatment, you can improve your end result.
  2. Asking questions. The more you understand about your condition and progress, the more committed you’ll be to your physical therapy regimen. If you don’t understand why a particular exercise or intervention is important or how it helps, you can ask your physical therapist. If you aren’t sure if you’re progressing on schedule, don’t be afraid to bring it up. Our physical therapists look forward to answering your questions and educating you on your condition.
  3. Following your restrictions. If your physical therapist has given you physical restrictions (such as “no lifting” or “no driving”), it is important that you follow them consistently to protect yourself and promote healing. While restrictions can be inconvenient, they are designed to help you get you back to full functioning as quickly as possible. Failing to follow restrictions can result in frustrating setbacks.
  4. Doing your homework. Your physical therapist will typically give you homework to do in between your physical therapy sessions. Your homework may include applying heat or ice, taking anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxers, and completing exercises and/or stretches several times daily. Again, this is to promote healing. In some cases, failing to do homework may result in additional surgery or injections due to the development of scar tissue.

Whether your physical therapy sessions are held in our physical therapy facilities or in your own home as part of your follow-up care, Santé physical therapists take great care to give you the best possible care. To take the first step toward recovery, contact a local Sante today!

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