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Spinal Rehabilitation After Paralysis

Paralysis, or the inability to move a muscle or group of muscles voluntarily, can occur as a result of an injury or illness. The most common causes of paralysis include stroke, cerebral palsy, nerve damage, trauma, multiple sclerosis, and polio. Paralysis may affect one or both sides of the face or body, or the lower half or entire body. Spinal rehabilitation, in combination with other methods, is critical for recovery.spinal rehabilitation

Treatment for Paralysis

Treatment for paralysis varies depending on the circumstances. Cause, underlying conditions, delay before treatment, and patient demographics all impact the plan of care. For some patients, the goal is to restore complete muscle control, while others work toward accepting their disability and gaining independence and skills.

Mobility Aids to Increase Independence

Physical and occupational therapists can work with paralysis patients to identify the best mobility aids for their individual circumstances. Patients with good upper body strength and movement may be able to improve mobility with a manual wheelchair, while quadriplegics may require an electric wheelchair.

Orthoses to Compensate for Weakness

Therapists are also qualified to utilize orthoses to brace an affected limb, adding strength and compensating for weakened muscles. Orthoses, or braces, can be used on the wrist, hand, ankle, foot, knee, or combination of joints (such as knee, ankle, foot). Orthoses are sometimes combined with wheelchair use to improve mobility.

Muscle Pain and Tightness

A combination of physical therapy and medication can be used to manage muscle pain and tightness. Frequent physical therapy can keep muscles limber and prevent spasticity over time.

Santé physical therapists and nursing teams provide spinal rehabilitation services to patients diagnosed with paralysis. To learn more about how Santé can help you achieve your goals following injury or illness resulting in paralysis, contact us here or visit one of our many Arizona Santé locations.

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