Category: In-Home Care

Things may slow down as we age, but it’s important to keep active. At Santé, we understand that regular exercise can help prevent conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. It can also boost a senior’s mood and provide an opportunity to socialize with other seniors. That’s why exercise or physical therapy is often a component of our home health care and in-facility rehabilitation programs.

It’s difficult to accept help, especially if you’re used to being self-sufficient. If your parent or relative is determined to stay in their own space, home care may be the best option. At Santé, our home health care program helps seniors retain their independence while addressing their physical and emotional needs. However, not every senior… Read More »

After a stay in a hospital or care facility, patients are often thrilled to receive continued care at home. Imagine being back in your house or apartment after days, weeks or months of being treated for an injury or illness. Everything seems familiar. You’re surrounded by good memories – not to mention the people, pets… Read More »

Most patients understand the process when you have an injury or illness. First, you see a doctor or visit the hospital. Next, you receive a diagnosis and treatment. Finally, you are released and able to go. But what happens if you still require additional treatment, medications or rehab? This is where post-acute care comes in.… Read More »