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dementia care guide

Dementia Care Guide: What to Know

For your loved one living with dementia, the world can be a very challenging and frightening place. Tasks that took only minutes may stretch to hours, with some activities becoming overwhelming and taxing on the senses. Fortunately, there are practical ways that you can help improve the quality of life for your loved one using this dementia care guide.

dementia care guide

Create an Established Daily Routine

Even the simplest tasks can be accomplished in no time when you create an easy-to-follow daily routine and stick to it. Ease frustration by:

  • Allowing plenty of “wiggle room” in your schedule
  • Schedule more difficult tasks, such as visiting the doctor or other appointments, in the early part of the day
  • Reduce distractions whenever possible, such as radios and television while you’re attempting to do daily activities

You can also give your loved one limited choices, so they stay involved in decision making. Keep in mind that more than two options can be daunting for individuals with dementia.


Provide a Safe Environment for Your Loved One

Suffering from dementia can impair your loved one’s decision-making skills, which can cause falls or other injuries within a home that has been considered safe for many years. It is vital that you view your loved one’s living space in a new light, looking for potential dangers and finding ways to lessen the risk.

  • Consider child-proof locks on cabinets or drawers that contain knives, medicine, alcohol or other weapons
  • Help maintain a safe walking area by ensuring rugs and carpet are well-secured to the floor and don’t present tripping hazards
  • Examine options for fire safety, such as oven and range locks, restricting access to lighters and matches and regularly checking that fire extinguishers are in working order

We hope this dementia care guide was helpful to you. Remember that no dementia journeys are exactly the same, and your loved one is likely to need personalized care. When you need home health care assistance with your loved one, contact the caring professionals at Santé. Our short-term rehab and other services offer a patient-centered approach to care where professionals from all spectrums of care work together to help improve the quality of life for your loved one. Visit one of our locations or contact our team with any questions at 480-563-2402 for more information.

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