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emotional support talking to a medial social worker

Who to Talk to For Emotional Support  

When you receive a life-altering diagnosis or suffer a life-threatening injury, your medical team tells you everything you need to know about the disease process, the treatment plan, and the recovery, but they often leave out how to cope with the emotional components of illness and injury. Medical social workers can be an invaluable resource for emotional support for those dealing with a major crisis.

A health crisis wreaks havoc in our lives, leaving survivors worried about:

  • whether they’ll fully recover
  • how much pain they’ll experience
  • how they’ll pay for their treatment
  • who will take care of their home, family, pets, etc.
  • if they’ll return to work
  • losing privacy during recovery

These fears and anxieties can have a dramatic impact on your healing process if they’re left unaddressed, but who can provide emotional support for those coping with medical issues? The answer: Medical Social Workers at Santé.  The Medical Social Workers at Santé hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Social Work and specialize in medical social work. Their role is diverse and patient-centered. They…

  • listen to your questions and concerns about treatment
  • visit with you about how you’re feeling and provide emotional support
  • help you set and achieve goals
  • work with you and your family to connect you with resources that can help: medical equipment, financial assistance, counseling, home health services, etc.

While your healthcare team focuses on helping you heal physically, the Medical Social Workers at Santé help you stay mentally, spiritually, and emotionally well so your mind can support your body in healing. If you’re feeling overwhelmed after an injury or illness – or in anticipation of upcoming treatment and limitations – reach out to us today. Our Medical Social Workers are passionate about you as a whole person and want to help. Visit us online or in-person to get started.

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