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How to Choose a Short-Term Skilled Nursing Facility

If you’ve had surgery or have a condition that needs continued care but not necessarily a long hospital stay, a short-term skilled nursing facility may be the answer. These centers can provide rehabilitation services and personal care to help recover from various injuries or surgeries.

Let’s explore the types of services a short-term skilled nursing facility can offer and how to find a place that best suits your needs.

What Types of Services are offered?

A skilled nursing facility is staffed with trained medical professionals to provide in-patient rehabilitation and medical services.1 The types of care provided can include:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Pathology
  • Audiologist Aid
  • Medically-necessary services by licensed nurses

Unlike a nursing home, staying at a short-term skilled nursing facility is temporary. When the patient is strong enough, they will return home.

Tips to Find the Right  Facility

When looking for a short-term skilled nursing facility, you want to choose one with the services and personal care you’re looking for. Here are some tips to get you moving in the right direction:

Tour the Facility if Possible

If you have a scheduled surgery requiring a stay at a short-term skilled nursing facility, tour the facility ahead of time if you are able. This will give you an idea of the environment you’ll be in and the services offered. During your tour, look at the cleanliness of the facility and rooms as well as the amount of dedicated staff on-hand.

Often, a tour is impossible due to an accident or unforeseen event that sends someone to the hospital and eventually another facility. You can work with the hospital coordinator to find the best possible facility when this is the case.

Ask for Referrals

When you can’t tour a facility, ask your healthcare provider, friends, and family for a referral. Hearing from someone who may have been at the facility is an excellent way to determine whether you want to go there.

Consider the Location

If you have friends and family nearby, look for a location that will be convenient for visitors. Seeing a friendly face frequently can help raise your spirits during recovery.

Read Reviews Carefully

Reading online reviews can also give you an idea of what a facility may be like. But remember, many people like to write less-than-pleasant, unwarranted reviews. Be sure to read several reviews to see if there is a trend. This can give you a clearer picture of what the facility may be like.

Look Into Your Insurance Coverage

Many people’s insurance may play a role in their chosen facility. Look to see what your plan covers for short-term skilled nursing care. If you are unsure, ask to speak with a social worker or case manager at the hospital referring you to the skilled nursing facility.

Short-Term Skilled Nursing at Santé

Santé offers short-term skilled nursing care at four convenient locations in Chandler, Mesa, North Scottsdale, and Surprise, AZ. Each facility provides highly skilled clinical and therapy care for patients who are recovering from many different types of medical conditions or surgeries. These can include:

  • Knee and Hip Surgery
  • Bypass Surgery
  • Stroke
  • Surgical Wounds
  • General Surgery

Our team is committed to providing the best care to help patients recover. At Santé, patients can expect private suites with a kitchenette, world-class exercise and therapy equipment, spa services, and more. We aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible while receiving the necessary care for your condition.

To learn more about short-term skilled nursing at any of our Santé locations, call us today or contact us online.



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