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Santé® Partnered with Ability 360 To Benefit Those With Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

Those who incur a brain or spinal cord injury while on the job, now have new hope. Sante’s Worker’s Compensation program has teamed up with Ability 360 to provide recreational rehabilitation to restore their independence.

According to Sante’s Certified Recreational Therapist Savanah Kafer, their clients are playing wheelchair rugby, adaptive football and going for a swim as part of this program.

“Our goal is to maximize rehabilitation, confidence and quality of life”, she said.

The state-of-the-art facility consists of a seasonal Aquatics Center, fitness center, adaptive sports, wheelchair rugby, special adaptive hiking series, numerous workshops and events and other adaptive sporting options.

Kafer serves as a Certified Recreational Therapist for four of the Santé locations in addition to serving Workers Compensation patients in Home Health. Her job is to ensure that her clients receive quality recreation therapy onsite as well as out in the community.

Ability 360, according to Kafer, provides Sante’s clients with possibilities. “It provides an opportunity for people to see physical recreation they previously may not have thought feasible,” said Kafer. “It’s also an eye-opener for people with brain and spinal cord injuries.”

According to Kafer, it is some place clients can go and be social and learn tips and tricks for dealing with their disability and injuries from their peers in addition to their recreational therapist. She works closely with Robert Reed in Membership Services at Ability 360 to set up appointments for her patients and to assist with corporate memberships that allow for the first year of services to be covered.

“One of the greatest rewards of my job is when a client is able to go from being totally dependent to once again having a completely independent life,” said Kafer.

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