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Chandler Physical Rehabilitation Story

Faith, Family, and The Care at Santé of Chandler Credited with Miraculous Recovery

Selke hit by an impaired driver going the wrong way in head-on collision learns to walk again at Santé®, Short-Term Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation

CHANDLER Relaxing in the comfort of their brother and sister-in-law’s family room, Julia, and Scott Selke credit three things to his miraculous recovery, faith, family, and the care at Santé® of Chandler Short-Term Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation. “Your comfort, well-being, and safety during your recovery is our number one priority, and we are prepared to improve your health and regain your independence” says COO of Santé Family of Companies, Debra Wertzberger.

Scott Selke, longtime co-owner of several Rosati’s Pizza restaurants, doesn’t take anything for granted these days, especially walking. On February 10th, 2021, Scott was driving home from work around 8:30pm when he was struck head-on by an impaired driver traveling 70mph on the wrong side of the road at the curve of Higley and Hunt Highway in Mesa, Arizona.

Julia and Scott Selke, share the horrific events that led to their deep appreciation of the dedicated staff, doctors and therapists at Santé of Chandler Short-Term Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation. Scott’s stay at Santé is for 200 days where he fiercely fights to regain all that he has lost, including the ability to walk again and use his right hand. His Santé therapists, doctors, and the entire staff become an integral part of his miraculous recovery. “At Santé you’re not just a number like at so many other hospitals.” says Scott Selke.

Julia, Scott’s wife, recalls some of the vivid details following the crash over the first five days in the hospital prior to going to Santé of Chandler Short-Term Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation. Initially, Scott was given a 5% chance of survival. When Scott arrives at the hospital, he has lost 32 units of blood the first night and 20 units the second night.  His heart stops on day four. In fact, on day six, they read him his last rights, but Julia drew on their deep, Christian faith and the love of her family to keep going. “Everyone kept preparing me for Scott’s passing, but I kept telling all the medical professionals and staff, we can’t have that, he is going to pull through, he must, because we have 8 grown children and 12 grandchildren”, says Julia,.  She is a constant by his side once he is stabilized.

Two weeks after the crash, Scott finally wakes up.  At first, he cannot remember what happened. Eventually, he begins to recall some of the vivid details of the horrific crash. He recalls seeing flairs and feeling like he couldn’t breathe as they tried to extricate him from the crash. He grew up in a family of firefighters, and when he eventually saw the photo of his crumpled car, he instantly knew he should have died. He endures 17 surgeries and procedures which include removing half his kidney, re-building his entire pelvis, a sliced liver, reattaching four of his toes and his ankle, rods to his arm and hip, rebuilding his entire elbow, and repairing numerous other injuries. After two months, in two different hospitals, on three different floors, he is ready for a change in care and to begin rehabilitation and recovery.  Finally, he moves to Santé of Chandler Short-Term Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation.

Scott and Julia Selke praise Santé of Chandler for the incredible, professionalism, care, and dedication the doctors, therapists and entire staff give them during their entire stay. Scott smiles as he recalls them cheering him on for all his victories, even the small ones. His therapy was intensive, and his therapists encouraged him daily to push through to success and not give up. Nothing was sweeter than when he walked out the doors of Santé of Chandler on August 24, 2021 using his walker.  The halls are lined with loving cheers of his family, Santé staff, therapists, and doctors.

Fast forward to today says Julia, Scott is able to walk for longer periods.  We now are able go to Chandler Mall regularly and walk with his walker for 10-15 minutes at a time. He also is having specially designed shoes with metal tips to protect his toes from any injury.

Scott and Julia face many long months of continuing recovery, and rehabilitation, but Scott feels blessed by not having a broken neck or brain damage from the accident. He reminds us to treasure our loved ones and friends because you could be gone in two seconds.  “I was but I was given a second chance”, says Scott.  He and Julia are forever grateful for their faith, family, and Santé of Chandler.

About Santé

Santé was founded in 2008 on the premise of reshaping the way guests and patients receive care, believing that compassion has the power to heal, transform, inspire, and comfort. Santé specializes in short-term skilled nursing, rehabilitation and outpatient therapy, home health, palliative and hospice care in Surprise, North Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler.

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