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Sante Hospice

Our Hospice Care: Holistically Caring for Patients and the Surviving Family

Santé provides a dignified process

The process of palliative care and subsequently hospice is challenging for every family it touches. At Santé, we recognize this every time we encounter a family that is starting this process We also believe that the journey of hospice is not a process of waiting. The patient and loved ones are best served when a provider is proactive in attending to the needs of all involved and addressing concerns beyond the end of a journey.

Hospice care is a well-known type of healthcare that focuses on the palliation of a patient’s pain and symptoms as they approach the end of life.

There comes a time where there may not be a cure, that an illness is too serious to overcome, or a patient may choose not to undergo certain treatments. With an interdisciplinary approach, we ensure our patients receive services that correspond to the individual and their family.

Clear Lines of Communication

To ensure a family is delivered a personalized experience that holds to each unique value system and preferences, the dialogue must be open, honest and continual. The tailored spectrum of services implemented is a result of these discussions and adds a calmness to the setting.

Roles and Expectations

In home hospice care, where the patient and loved ones are most comfortable, we provide a dedicated team specific to the individual family. These teams are composed to be able to handle any issues that may arise—medical or emotional—.

Registered Nurse (RN): A nurse leading and implementing the comprehensive on-site care who is specially trained to work with patients nearing end of life, as well as addressing the concerns of loved ones in need of support. This role is a natural caregiver who has honed their clinical experience to provide comfort and diminish pain.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA): An assistant who provides care and support under the direction of the RN leading the on-site care. They take on personal care needs of patients, and administer medications per the care plan and physician. They also add an extra layer of companionship and aid to all involved.

Chaplain: A provider of spiritual solace for all during the most difficult of times. This role is depended on to demonstrate care for patient and families, offering needed guidance and spiritual comfort to each party in the unique setting.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW): This role serves as the coordinator of the team, and provides an overall calming presence as the process develops. They assess and advocate for the needs and concerns of the patient and loved ones from the very beginning of the journey and as it evolves. They are constantly evaluating the situation and reporting back to physicians and other identified organizations that need to be coordinated with. This team member eases the burdens thrust upon the most vulnerable, and provides an additional layer of support and offers proven coping strategies, useful in these extremely challenging times.

It is our goal to not only care about the patient on the journey, but to care for the entire environment, encompassing the individual and surviving family members in a holistic manor. We recognize the dignity and respect that each situation deserves, and believe we put teams together that make loved ones feel the sincerity we bring.

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