Santé and the COVID-19 Vaccine Progress

Using the CDC guidelines to administer a vaccination system in our Valley location facilities


Our four Phoenix-area short-term skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers are part of the continued vaccination progress happening here in the Valley.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has provided guidance to transitional skilled nursing and rehab centers, such as our facilities, that target certain percentages for vaccines administered in the facilities as well as deployment strategies. Simply put, Santé is working to ensure all staff and patients have the ability to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Since December, our company has partnered with Omnicare, a CVS Health company, to distribute the vaccine in our facilities. And early in the process, our management and executive teams have highly encouraged staff and patients alike to be part of the vaccines’ success in the Valley.

“We are educating our employees and patients often toward the goal of increasing vaccination confidence and decreasing vaccination hesitance,” said Joyal Simmons, SVP of clinical operations and compliance. “We are tracking weekly vaccination progress, working to meet a high standard of 90% of staff members and 70% of patients at any given time, in each facility.”

Short-term skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers feature a relatively quick patient turnover, with an average stay time of approximately 20 days. Upon admission, patients are asked if they have received one or both doses of the vaccine. Santé will help set up appointments or bring in vaccines to the facility. Access to vaccines are so prevalent that locations have been able to get single doses delivered and administered, as needed, to assist our patients and staff with being part of the solution in the battle against COVID-19.

Companywide, our elder patients—which represent a large percentage of the demographics we serve— are receptive to receiving the vaccine, understanding that their age and condition make them vulnerable to the virus.

Additionally, all Santé locations have had multiple vaccine clinic days in which vaccines are brought in for those who sign up ahead of time to receive it. Patients and staff are always welcome to sign up to receive their vaccine as well as are provided with as much educational material as they need about vaccine efficacy and supporting research.

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