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The Santé Spectrum of Care

Santé – “To your health, and life!”


What does Santé stand for? Who are we and what do we do?

Santé – “To your health, and life!” As a healthcare provider, our name is derived from a common toast to some of the things we cherish and celebrate most: health, life, family, friends, appetite. . . It speaks to the journeys we have left to take, and memories left to make. It personifies the people that make up Santé and our commitment to excellence as we deliver the highest quality of care to our patients. Who we are as a company is the foundation of the excellence we deliver.

Our toast to you encompasses the breadth of the services we offer.  While many people know us for our short-term skilled nursing and rehabilitation care centers, we are the leading provider in the Phoenix metro-area that also offers outpatient therapy, medical home health, palliative and hospice as part of our Spectrum of Care.


Santé is your guide through the intimidating healthcare process in times of uncertainty – delivered with your needs in mind.


Evidence-based research has proven that healthcare systems can deliver better access to care and quality outcomes with a successfully integrated continuity of care. This type of care, outside of a hospital but more specific than primary care, is called post-acute care.  In our post-acute care model, the continuum can begin as the result of an injury or illness –– which may be completely unexpected and often very confusing for patients and their loved ones. This event may require you to be hospitalized and then need post-acute care for rehabilitation.  Post-acute care can also be started when the need for specialty care arises, this may not include a hospitalization, and our Spectrum of Care allows you to start the services you need at just the right time for you.

Santé is your trusted provider of post-acute care during these difficult times.  Santé will help you to lead your life on your terms. Our spectrum of care is a more colorful way to describe this continuum of care, and why we have combined them to help you recover and adapt to accommodate your ever-changing needs.

The consistency and quality of care you will receive with Santé can help you maintain your best health and quality of life for the rest of your life.  Santé will make it easier for you to manage your personal healthcare records while communicating with your specialists and primary care provider.

Mark Hansen, CEO


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