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brain injury recovery

What You Need to Know about Brain Injury Recovery  

Recovering after a traumatic brain injury can be a long and slow process, but in many cases, recovery is possible with hard work and the right people on your rehabilitation team. Here are the most important things you should know if you or a loved one are working through recovery.

#1 – No two brain injuries are the same

While we know the general stages that patients experience as they recover after a brain injury, some patients only reach the first stage while other patients are able to progress through stages and eventually return to life as it was before the injury. No two brain injuries are the same, so it’s important to discuss your expectations and progress with the care team and avoid comparing yourself or your loved one to anyone else.

#2 – Inpatient rehabilitation is critical

Many patients are disappointed to hear they’ll need inpatient rehabilitation, but don’t be dismayed – you have the best chances of recovery when there is an entire team of experts focused on your improvement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And when you choose Santé, you’ll get to know your caregivers and they’ll get to know you – which means your stay will feel like a home away from.

#3 – Rehabilitation is multifaceted

During your rehabilitation, the team at Santé is focused on all of the components of recovery:

  • managing the medical problems that accompany a traumatic brain injury, like pain, blood clots, pressure ulcers, bowel and bladder incontinence, respiratory problems, sexual function disorders, and other coexisting conditions
  • improving muscle control, strength, range of motion, and balance so you can regain mobility
  • supporting you as you cope with the emotions that accompany serious health problems like a brain injury
  • help you relearn how to perform the tasks you need to perform in order to function as independently as possible when you leave rehab

There is much, much more to know about the complex recovery process following a brain injury, and we’re here to help. Whether you just need a listening ear or you’re looking for compassionate, competent rehab services across Arizona, we’re for you at Santé. Visit us online or in-person today.

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