tips for dealing with nerve pain

How to Deal With Nerve Pain Through Palliative Care  

Nerve pain can be debilitating and demoralizing, especially when you are already in palliative care and suffering from a long-term illness or serious injury. The symptoms could include everything from burning or tingling to stabbing pain which may come and go. While there are some medications that can be prescribed to help, natural methods of relieving pain may provide the best remedy for this type of nerve pain — also known as neuropathic pain. See how these non-invasive techniques can help improve the quality of life for someone suffering from nerve pain. 

1. Relaxation Techniques and Biofeedback

Staying relaxed and understanding how to handle the pain through biofeedback may provide patients with significant, long-term pain relief that improves over time. Since the pain is associated with nerves, finding ways to short-circuit the connection between your firing nerves and your brain’s pain receptors may be the link that you need for relief. 

2. Acupuncture

Recent studies show that acupuncture may be one of the more effective ways to treat nerve pain, often offering better pain management than medications alone. A component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is designed to stimulate blood flow and help balance the body’s healing abilities. With acupuncture, ultra-thin needles are inserted into pressure points throughout the body which can stimulate muscles and nerves to respond. 

3. Massage

Massage therapy is a type of complementary medicine that is often recommended for neuropathy sufferers. The repetitive movements and tissue manipulation can also help improve blood flow, increasing the ability of the body to heal itself. Receiving a massage from a licensed therapist also promotes a feeling of well-being and relaxation that can be an important part of improving the quality of life for individuals in palliative care. 

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