home health aide duties

What are Home Health Aide Duties?  

Home health aides allow people who are aging, disabled or recovering from injury or illness to get help with their daily tasks inside the home, allowing them to stay home longer even if they need some assistance. The tasks a home health aide performs vary depending on the training they’ve received and the needs of their clients. 

What do home health aides do?

Some of the most common tasks home health aides perform include: 

  • Housekeeping.  A home health aide provides assistance with daily housekeeping tasks like dishes, laundry, bed-making, vacuuming, and garbage. 
  • Assistance with dressing. Home health aides can help clients choose something to wear and get dressed in the morning (as well as apply compression socks if needed, which is often exceptionally challenging) and then help them get into pajamas prior to bed. 
  • Help with oral hygiene. When clients are unable to care for their own teeth or mouth, home health aides can help with oral care and denture care. 
  • Cooking or meal preparation. In some cases, home health aides might stop by to prepare meals or help make sure a client is eating adequately. 
  • Assistance with safe bathing or showering. One of the most common tasks home health aides perform is assistance with bathing and showering, as this often becomes the first unsafe independent task. 
  • Medication administration. Home health aides who have appropriate training and skills can help administer medication.

Who can benefit from home health?

Home health is often beneficial for those who are experiencing a decline in mobility or cognition due to aging or disease progression, those with disabilities, and those who have limitations while they recover from illness, injury, or surgery. 

What other services are available at home?

Other services available at home include physical, speech, and occupational therapy provided by licensed therapists. 

To explore home health as an opportunity for you or your friend or family member to age or recover at home, call us today. The caring and qualified staff at Santé Home Health and Rehabilitation Services would love to serve you.

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