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What Can a Rehabilitation Center Do For You?  

When an injury, illness, or other medical event is serious enough, daily activities that were easy to perform before might become so difficult that you need extensive therapy to regain strength and skills before going home from the hospital. In these cases, a rehabilitation center is an integral component of your treatment and recovery plan. 

When a rehabilitation center is helpful

Some of the most common reasons patients enter rehab centers include: 

  • to rebuild strength and functioning (walking, talking, eating, continence, etc.) following a stroke
  • to receive physical therapy following a joint replacement or other joint surgery
  • to rebuild strength and relearn tasks after a major illness like Guillain-Barre Syndrome
  • to recover after a traumatic accident or major injury

What to expect during rehabilitation

During the days, weeks, or months you’ll spend in a rehabilitation facility, you can expect to work hard at improvement under the direct supervision of a trained medical team. Team members will focus on providing the assistance you need while encouraging you to perform as many tasks as possible independently or with limited assistance while you regain your strength. Most importantly, most patients in a rehab center require extensive physical, speech, and/or occupational therapy – sometimes several times a day – and these services are provided on-premises and in many cases, throughout your daily routine.

Rehabilitation is very different from long-term care. In a rehab center, the driving goal is to help you go home (and live there safely). While some patients need just a week or two of inpatient rehabilitation, the average stay is 20 days.

Before you can go home

Before you’re discharged for home, an occupational therapist will evaluate your ability to return home safely. They might have you climb a few stairs – depending on the layout of your home – or demonstrate that you’re able to prepare a meal, take a shower, or brush your teeth. Your living arrangements (whether you live alone or have help, the layout of your home, etc.) will drive the requirements for returning home. 

Additionally, the team will ensure you have an adequate support system and follow-up appointments scheduled to continue building strength and mobility, if necessary. They may equip you with home medical equipment, such as a cane or a shower chair, or set up home visits from therapists and nurses if you need it. 

To learn more about inpatient rehabilitation in Arizona, contact the qualified team at Santé today. We can’t wait to help you get back to your old self.

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