doctor looking at test results of the long term effects of a stroke

What Are the Long Term Effects of a Stroke?  

When you have a stroke, it directly affects the nerve center of the body — the brain. This can cause a wide range of problems from speech and language to memory, vision and personality changes. A stroke restricts blood from enriching the brain, which can cause specific functions in the body from working exactly as they should in the future. While sometimes these functions are regained with therapy, they can be long-term challenges or even cause permanent damage to the body. Here are a few of the most common long-term effects of stroke

Physical Effects of a Stroke

Changes to your physical ability will depend on which portion of the brain was damaged and how much. Some of the most common physical damage caused by stroke include incontinence, problems with swallowing or eating, weakness or paralysis. Nerve damage can cause difficulty with exercise or physical activity, too. Many caregivers find that their loved ones will need to be in an assisted living facility to receive full-time care. Stroke patients often benefit from physical therapy or speech therapy that helps increase strength and mobility as well as the patient’s ability to care for themselves in the future.

Mental Challenges After a Stroke

Due to the physical difficulties that you can experience after a stroke, many patients suffer from depression or feelings of sadness due to their limited physical abilities. Overcoming the physical pain and weakness that can come after a stroke may make it difficult to sleep or take pleasure in activities that they enjoyed in the past. Problem-solving, depth perception, and performing certain movements can be limited as the brain struggles to determine how to work around damage that happens to the brain after a stroke. 

When your loved one is suffering from the long-term effects of a stroke, caregivers may find themselves wondering how they will be able to manage to support all of their needs. At Santé, our home health care professionals and hospice services can help provide the assistance that you need for comprehensive care. Contact us today at 480-563-2402 for more information or to schedule a personal visit to one of our locations. From helping ensure that your loved one is safe in their home to assisting with daily needs, the therapists and healthcare professionals at Santé provide caring and thoughtful support.

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