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Caring For Someone With End-Stage Diabetes  

People can live for decades with diabetes, but controlling end-stage diabetes can be challenging. While diabetes may not be the overwhelming factor in the decline of their health, it’s not uncommon for diabetic patients to also have significant other illnesses such as cardiopulmonary disease, cancer or dementia. Together, these health concerns can cause your loved one to need additional support as the diseases complete their natural progression. Caring for someone with end-stage diabetes often includes less rigorous management of their blood sugar than in the past and more focus on the comfort of the patient and their quality of life.


Is Palliative Care Right for My Loved One?

While all individuals and their care profiles are unique,
studies show that palliative care or hospice may provide a boost to the quality of life for patients with end-stage diabetes. This allows individuals to receive the comprehensive care that they need without undue burden on loved ones for an overwhelming number of appointments, or the potential of a missed medical clue.

Signs to Watch for with End-Stage Diabetes

If your loved one has end-stage diabetes, it’s vital that you stay alert for cues that could indicate a worsening of their condition.

Look for these signs of high blood sugar:

  • Excessive thirst and increased urination
  • Unusual infections
  • Unexpected feelings of tiredness

While high blood sugar is dangerous, end-stage diabetics are much more sensitive to the damages caused by low blood sugar. 

  • Changes in personality, such as anxiety and irritability
  • Sweating, trembling or heart palpitations
  • Excessive hunger

If you see these symptoms of either high or low blood sugar, be sure to let your primary care team know so they can help determine if additional steps need to be taken. 

Helping your loved one through end-stage diabetes is more about keeping them comfortable and spending time with them however you can. Let the professionals at Santé help provide the best possible experience for your loved one throughout the days that they have left with trusted, compassionate home and hospice care. Contact Santé today at 480-563-2402 or schedule a visit to one of our four locations to learn more about the services that we offer. 

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