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Hospice Comfort Kit

What to Include in a Hospice Comfort Kit for Your Loved One

Letting your loved ones know that you are thinking about them and care about their needs doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Instead, you can create a thoughtful hospice care kit that includes some of the everyday conveniences and comforts that they may not have easy access to while in hospice care. Everything from soft non-slip socks to lip balm and large-print books will be appreciated by your special person. Here are some suggestions on what to include in your package — which of course will be sealed with love.

A Little Touch of Home

While hospice nurses, doctors and other staff members do everything possible to make your loved one feel at home while they are in hospice care, a little something extra is always welcome. This could be everything from a small favorite painting that was hanging in their living room to a pillow that has a special meaning. It’s good to start your hospice care kit with something that reminds them they are loved and missed at home.

Snug as a Bug

Hospital beds and common spaces can get quite chilly sometimes, making a warm scarf, beanie or non-slip socks a necessity. While your loved one probably already has a blanket, their head, neck, and feet can get cold more quickly without proper coverage. If you have a special skill to knit or crochet, your loved one would appreciate the sentiment of a homemade item — even if it’s not perfect, just be sure it’s extra soft.

Comfort and Convenience

Simple items such as lightly flavored lipgloss or Chapstick make a wonderful gift for your loved one in hospice. Dry, cool air in a hospital environment can cause lips to crack and chap, making these items particularly important. While strong-smelling cologne or perfume is not a great idea, finding some hand moisturizer with a very light scent would also be a welcome treat.

It isn’t difficult to come up with other items such as puzzles, activities or snacks to fill up your hospice comfort kit. You might also consider adding some small seasonal items, as the days can run together for individuals who are in long-term care. Fortunately, the staff at Santé are always looking for ways to engage individuals in their care, along with providing top-notch nursing and hospice support. Contact Santé today at 480-563-2402 to learn more about the various services that they provide for rehabilitation and long-term care.

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