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Thoughtful Gift ideas

Thoughtful Gift ideas for Someone with Cancer

Finding that a friend or loved one has cancer can be a devastating diagnosis, and you may be struggling to find ways to show your care and concern during this difficult time. Traditional gifts that you would give to someone who is ill don’t seem to fit, but these thoughtful gifts are ideal for someone who has cancer.

Put Together a Travel Bag

travel bag

Treatments can last several hours, requiring the transportation of multiple items between home and their treatment site. A travel bag stocked with essentials such as a warm and comfy blanket, earphones, and even a silk eye mask will help while away the time during treatments or during extended doctor’s visit.

Creating a Dinner Train

Dinner Train

Energy is at a premium when you are undergoing cancer treatments, and even cooking a meal can feel overwhelming. Get together with several others from your church or community to create a dinner train, where people commit to bringing a meal several days a week for a period of time. Another great option is to gift your loved one with restaurant gift cards, especially thoughtful if the restaurant is able to deliver to their home.

Surround Your Loved One With Comfort

comfort love

Cancer treatments can leave you uncomfortable and sore, so swaddling your loved one with comfort is always a welcome gift! The softest sheepskin robes or blankets, cozy socks and non-skid slippers, pajamas, soft beanies and more are great ways to show that you are thinking of their needs.

The Gift of Your Presence

Your loved one may be feeling very lonely, as some people don’t visit because they aren’t sure what to say. Simply spending time with a cancer patient gives them a few moments to forget their diagnosis and enjoy the gift of togetherness. Be conscious of staying too long, though, as individuals in therapy may tire easily.

Easy Entertainment

The gift of entertainment is always appreciated — whether that comes in the form of a new Kindle or tablet or magazines, movies, and books. A one-year subscription to a streaming video service is the gift that keeps on giving, too!

What is most important is that you listen to your loved one and spend time with them whenever possible. Helping your loved one maintain a positive attitude can help their bodies become more resilient to fight back against their cancer. If your loved one needs additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact the caring professionals at Santé by calling 480-563-2402 or fill out our quick online form to receive a return call. We offer a range of services including home health care, rehabilitation, and hospice.

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