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Interdisciplinary Teams

Benefits of Interdisciplinary Teams in Healthcare

It is always a great comfort to families to have access to a trusted primary care physician — someone who can answer questions in a relatable way and who understands the needs of your loved ones. That individual is generally backed up by a variety of other individuals, and this multidisciplinary team is able to pool together their knowledge to create a better care plan over time. See how these caregivers work together to provide an exceptional quality of care.

Role of Specialists in Healthcare

Primary care physicians study for many years before they are able to become a doctor and spend many more years continuing their education to support a broad spectrum of patient needs. However, there are always new advances in medicine in any number of specialties, and it would be impossible for one individual to retain that body of knowledge. Working with a multidisciplinary team allows you access to care providers and researchers who excel in a particular aspect of patient care, and they can share that information with you and your loved ones.

Shared Responsibility for Care

When your primary provider is unable to answer questions, it’s important to know that you have someone else who is familiar with the needs of your loved one. Your interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals means you’ll always have access to someone who is vested in providing the highest quality care. This provides you with added peace of mind when your family member is under home health care, in assisted living or currently undergoing rehabilitation. Healthcare teams appreciate having access to second opinions from individuals who may have a slightly different background or training, too.

Interdisciplinary teams have been used in healthcare for many years with positive results. Each individual brings their personal knowledge, specific skills and knowledge as well as their ongoing education to the team, making it much more effective than a single individual. At Santé, our focus is on providing a compassionate continuum of care, and our robust teams of healthcare professionals are all lifelong learners who are constantly looking for ways to deepen their understanding and provide exceptional care. Contact us today at 480-563-2402 or visit us online to learn more about the services and care that we offer.

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