Senior Home Care

Types of Senior Home Care

Following an illness or surgery requiring hospitalization, many people need short-term inpatient rehabilitation. During this time, Santé provides competent, compassionate home care that encompasses the whole person, encouraging and promoting healing through therapies while managing the patient’s overall health and wellness.

While most patients return home after short-term rehabilitation, some patients need that care to continue after they return home. In these cases, Santé steps up to the challenge, continuing the relationship into the home setting and extending services beyond the inpatient stay. The three types of home care offered by Santé include rehabilitation, home health, and hospice.


Santé provides both physical and occupational therapy right in the patient’s home. While recovering from an illness or surgery, it can be exceptionally challenging to get out of the house and to appointments and commitments in the community, yet despite this challenge, most patients have aggressive physical and occupational therapy goals during the healing process. By providing this service in the patient’s home, Santé is able to bridge the gap, promoting a full recovery without the risks and challenges that come with travel.

Home Health

Home health is a broad term referring to generalized assistance with activities of daily living at home. Service provided vary greatly depending on the needs of the patient but can include housekeeping, cooking, medication setup or administration, assessments, vital signs monitoring, wound care, help with bathing, and more.

Home health services are most commonly utilized by patients recovering after hospitalization and patients experiencing a decline in strength, balance, or range of motion due to injury, illness, or the natural aging process.


Santé brings compassionate, familiar care to patients who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. By providing the daily care each patient needs right in their own home, Santé is often able to ensure comfort, familiarity, and quality of life during their last months of life.

Hospice services are generally focused on keeping the patient as comfortable as possible and include a combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Medication administration, bed baths, oral cares, massage, and repositioning are common aspects of hospice care.

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